About us

We provide certified consultants with international experience, ready to adapt to your particular needs. We are your ReFlex Partner in IT solutions. We will work together with you to provide the most appropriate service to match your needs and budget, we will provide flexibility in what concerns adjustments during the project, and you can rely on us for delivering the result, and all that under a controlled cost for the project. 

We can provide a complete menu of IT services. Your systems will run efficiently, increasing productivity. We are doing IT since 2012. We are based in Romania, but we have taken on projects in Belgium and France, and we are constantly expanding our horizons. 

So, what have we got to offer? 

  • IT Consultance 
    • We can help define your IT strategy and implement it;
    • We can advise short-term and long-term for your projects;
    • We can help planning your IT infrastructure;
    • We can provide monitoring to make sure objectives are being followed;
    • We can optimize existent infrastructure;
    • We can help decrease maintenance costs;
  • Infrastructure and integration projects
    • We can help you choose and install your infrastructure (equipments for server rooms, workstations, their interconnection to the network, operating systems, their performance, enterprise network etc.)
    • We can help you integrate (manage the way in which your systems communicate and deliver a service in a unified and transparent manner for the user with the help of technology and databases of the company);

*We do not do outsourcing & hardware or software supply 

Based on our experience and creativity, we are sure we can accurately understand your business and prescribe the best services for your needs, while maintaining optimal performance. End to end, we can help you get the most out of your IT investment, through a comprehensiveanalysis of your current environment. With Be-Ready you are sure to be ready for your future projects and development.